Welkin Credentials:

1) Welkin FireFly Bird Diverter has category – 1 approval from PGCIL which confirms that FireFly complies to all the PGCIL technical specifications.
2) PGCIL Manufacturer approval has been granted to Welkin Conservation LLP on behalf of the OEM of the FireFly bird diverters.
3) Welkin FireFly bird diverters has been redesigned keeping in mind the CEA technical specifications. Contact us for more details.
4) The FireFly Manufacturing facilities, machineries and processes have been approved by Lloyd’s Register.
5) Welkin Conservation LLP is an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company and has systematic work process, that confirms to the norms set by the Government Power Utilities and Ministry.
6) We, at Welkin believe that our Client is our foremost priority and we have a client list which consists of esteemed and renowned organizations, including PGCIL, L&T, Mahindra and Enel Green Power.
7) Welkin Conservation LLP has always believed in putting our best efforts to conserve the wildlife especially the avifauna and we are very fortunate to get associations with the Wildlife Conservation Society – India and the Corbett Foundation for the conservation of the Great Indian Bustards, a highly endangered bird species.

PGCIL Category - 1 Approval

PGCIL Manufacturer Approval