FAQs FireFly Bird Diverters:

Bird diverter is a device which alerts the birds to avoid collision. The FireFly Bird Diverters are generally installed on power lines to prevent bird deaths due to collisions with the conductor and/or earth/OPGW wires.

Bird Diverters generally works on the principle of reflection. The FireFly bird diverters have specially designed stickers that provide enhanced reflection of the sunlight / UV light, which provides a Sparkle Effect in the birds’ eye and alerts the bird from a greater distance.

The FireFly bird diverter technology is the only technology that is worldwide tested and proven to avert bird collisions. They are installed on thousands of kilometers of lines worldwide. In India, FireFly is designed to comply with the CEA / PGCIL specifications and it is well appreciated technology by many Wildlife Institutes and Power utility companies.

Yes, there are only two different types of clamps of the FireFly bird diverters. The Clamp SF4-16N is suitable for all the wires of outer diameters 4 mm to 16 mm and the Clamp SF10-70N is suitable for all the wires of outer diameters 16 mm to 70 mm. Thus, the FireFly bird diverters have universal clamps suitable for all kinds of wires, that is, one clamp fits all.

Yes, Firefly bird diverters are installed on many power lines in India in many different environments.

Yes, we take pride in declaring that the FireFly bird diverters have received Category – 1 Approval from PGCIL. FireFly has satisfied almost all the CEA technical specifications and for the remaining parameters, the compliance tests are in process and the results will be out on our website soon.

Yes, Welkin Conservation LLP is ISO 9001:2015 certified. It is also ISO14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ROHS compliant.

Yes, Welkin Conservation LLP provides the best installation and supply services to its clients. We have always been committed to fulfilling the deadlines and providing quality work.

Yes, Welkin Conservation LLP provides 5 years of product guarantee on the FireFly bird diverters when installed and used as per the provided terms and conditions.

No, the FireFly bird diverters are specially designed to show minimum Corona discharge when installed on the conductors. We have conducted several tests proving the minimum/ no corona discharge and RIV tests for the FireFly bird diverters. Contact us for more information.

Through our years of experience, we have designed the FireFly diverters and its clamps such that it does not damage the wire on which it is installed as well as has no adverse effect. We have our esteemed clients confirming the same. The extreme light weight of the FireFly devices makes it the best solution as there is no effect on the sagging of the

power lines.

Yes, the FireFly bird diverter has specially designed glow in the dark

components on both sides of the warning disk which provides enhanced visibility to the birds at night time by emitting the absorbed light. It emits a significant amount of light in the Bird’s vision spectrum, which makes it a perfect solution for night as well.