FireFly® Bird Diverter

Welkin FireFly® Bird Diverter

Patented FireFly bird diverters have been tested by EPRI and are recommended by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Incorporating motion, reflectivity, and glowing light, FireFly as per independent studies is the most effective bird diverter in preventing bird strikes on power lines. FireFly also has a lower installed cost than coils. Coils can also entangle birds and are less effective at diverting birds, especially in low light at dawn and dusk when birds are at peak risk. When serving as a hazing device, FireFly prevents costly damage to facilities. FireFly can also be used to haze birds within a 10-meter radius from power lines and similar structures, preventing potentially costly damage.

FireFly Makes Power Lines Visible to Birds

Bird Diverter, Bird Flight diverter

  • FireFly is highly visible to birds in both visible and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum as per most of the birds’ vision.
  • Developed by an avian biologist and based on avian research.
  • Spins in 2+km/hr winds, increasing visibility for migrating birds and bats. Uses a heavy-duty, stainless steel ball-bearing swivel that is resistant to salt spray and adverse weather conditions.
  • Highly reflective decals along with the 360° rotation mechanism, refract sunlight and provide a “sparkle effect” visible to birds up to 450 meters away
  • Luminescent material emits visible light for up to 12 hours after dusk, and in low light or fog conditions when birds are most vulnerable.
  • Impact-resistant and UV-stabilized acrylic “flapper” is rated for temperatures from -40°C to +70° C.
  • FireFly has a rugged spring-loaded clamp which prevents line slippage and helps the device to withstand wind-speeds up to 125 km/h.
  • FireFly installs easily and in seconds on live lines by drone, hotstick or other methods. Also safe to use on OPGW lines. For installation by drone, click here.
  • The FireFly Bird Diverter comes with a product guarantee of 5 years, providing a gesture of its reliability and effectiveness.
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