A Brief Description About The Technology

Bird diverters from Welkin Conservation LLP help utilities save birds, prevent damage, forestall outages and avoid fines.

  • Millions of birds and bats are killed each year in collisions with power lines, guy wires, and other thin profile obstructions.
  • Utilities can be subject to large federal fines when protected species are killed.
  • Bird strikes also cause power outages.
  • Bird nests and droppings cause millions of rupees in damage each year to transformers and other electrical equipment.

BirdMark® Bird Diverter

Lowest cost bird diverter solution for many applications. Tested by EPRI. Recommended by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Flutters in the wind. Glows at dusk. Highly visible reflective centre. Installs by hand, hot stick, or drone.

FireFly® Bird Diverter

Most effective and modern diverter in independent studies. Possess all the required properties for a complete solution for protecting the birds. Tested by EPRI. Recommended by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Spins and reflects. Glows at dawn and dusk. Install by hand, hot stick, or drone. Lower installed cost vs. coils.

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Independent studies show FireFly and BirdMark to be the most effective bird diverters. They have been tested by EPRI and recommended by U.S. Fish and Wildlife. They also have a lower installed cost than coils. UNEP COP 10 recommended bird diverters as a solution to prevent collision of migratory bird species with power lines and FireFly Bird Diverter was among the diverters that received a special mention as it was in accordance with the technical features mentioned for successful collision mitigation.